Put Your Business Debtor’s Proceeds Directly In Your Pocket

You won. The court ruled in your favor — you are owed money. Unfortunately, the battle is not over. Collecting the money you are owed can be a challenge. We can help. Attorney Joshua Friedman knows how to apply pressure and where to apply it. He will hit your debtor hard, where it hurts — the business.

Installing A Keeper: An Effective Way To Force Payment

If your debtor is a business, a “keeper” can be installed. A keeper is a sheriff positioned in the business to collect payment. Instead of paying your debtor, customers or clients pay the keeper, who turns the money over to you.

This strategy is commonly used against restaurant debtors or other debtor businesses that regularly are paid in cash from their customers. Instead of paying the restaurant for the cost of their meals, customers pay the keeper.

The keeper stays at the business, collecting money, until the debt is paid in full. The sheriff also has the power to sell the business’ inventory to repay the debt.

The best part? Your debtor pays the keeper’s fees. The costs of installing a keeper are added to the debt.

Having a sheriff at the business, collecting payment from customers, is not only effective — it’s embarrassing for your debtor. Many business debtors who claimed they couldn’t pay are suddenly able to come up with money just to get the keeper off their premises.

Get The Money You Are Owed Now

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