Judgment Enforcement

Enforce Your Judgment. Make Debtors Pay.

After a long legal battle, you’ve finally prevailed. The court ruled in your favor and issued a piece of paper stating you are owed money. Unfortunately, that piece of paper is just that — a piece of paper. Turning your judgment into money is the hard part. Debtors will fight you every step of the way. If you are struggling to collect money that is rightfully yours, you’ve come to the right place.

At Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., we stop at nothing. We will make your debtor pay up. Contact us today at 310-278-8600 to get started.

Located in Los Angeles, our firm helps consumers and businesses throughout the state of California enforce their judgments and obtain the money they are owed.

Applying Pressure, Getting Payment

Attorney Joshua Friedman knows how to apply the right amount of pressure, in the right spot, to get debtors to pay. He will make their lives so miserable that they will pay just to make him go away.

Our team uses a variety of proven legal strategies to collect debts on our clients’ behalves:

  • Withholding orders/wage garnishments — Have money taken directly out of your debtor’s paycheck.
  • Bank levies — Take the money you are owed out of your debtor’s bank account.
  • Charging orders — Make sure any money owed to the debtor by a limited liability company (LLC) or partnership is paid to you, not it.
  • Assignment orders — If a third party owes your debtor money, it must pay it to you instead of the debtor.
  • Keepers — Place a sheriff in your debtor’s business. Customers pay the sheriff, who in turn pays you, instead of the debtor.
  • Real property levies/foreclosures — Foreclose on real estate and keep the profits to satisfy your debt.
  • Intangible levies — Attach levies to every item possible, including contractual rights to payments such as royalties, rents and installment payments.
  • Appointment of receivers — Appoint a third party to take over your debtor’s business and funnel proceeds to you to satisfy the debt you are owed.
  • Judgment debtor examinations — Use legal proceedings to discover your debtor’s assets.
  • Fraudulent transfer lawsuits — If your debtor is attempting to shield assets through improper transfers, such as gifts to family members, we will sue.

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