Real Property Levies / Foreclosures

How Does Foreclosure Get Me The Money I Am Owed?

Many debtors are unresponsive; they won’t pay what they owe and they refuse to even discuss repayment terms. With Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., that will change.We don’t give debtors a choice. They will pay or they will lose their property.If you have a court order stating that an individual or business owes you money, but your debtor refuses to pay, you can levy your debtor’s real property. A real property levy, also known as foreclosure, is the process of selling another’s real estate and keeping the profits in satisfaction of the debt you are owed.

How Does The Foreclosure Process Work?

You don’t have to wait until your debtor attempts to sell or refinance their property. Instead, you can foreclose on the property, forcing a sale and collecting the profits in satisfaction of the debt you are owed.

The foreclosure process is complex. Attorney Joshua Friedman will handle the entire process.

First: We will locate all of your debtor’s real property, including a home or business and any other real estate.

Second: We will attach a lien to all properties.

Third: We will obtain court approval for a foreclosure.

Fourth: All necessary parties, including your debtor and local sheriff, must be notified.

Fifth: The property will be sold at a public auction. We will collect the proceeds and hand them over to you.

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