Commercial Debt Collections

Save Time. Save Headaches.

The process of collecting a commercial debt is one that is technical and can require wading through a large number of applicable laws and technical processes. Whether collecting a debt for the sale of goods, a lease agreement, or for services rendered, the process often involves multiple, competing interests and can be one that requires as much technical knowledge as it does grit and determination.

For most businesses, that reality simply makes the collection of a commercial debt too time-consuming and logistically difficult. That’s where Joshua P. Friedman and Associates enters the picture and with our highly experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team handling your collection effort, you can rest easy knowing that your debt will be recovered while you focus your attention on building your business and developing new client relationships.

Our Focus In Commercial Debt Collections

Our first goal in any debt collection process is always an amicable resolution. In our many years of experience in the collection process, we have found that giving debtors a final chance to pay before resorting to other measures is usually best for all interested parties. Should a debtor choose not to take advantage of that generosity, we are fully equipped and ready to exhaust all legal avenues to collect your debt.

Our team of experienced collectors is knowledgeable of all relevant, applicable laws and processes for collecting any debt of any size. We are familiar with UCC guidelines and our ability to combine in-depth legal research and asset-liability analysis means that we can quickly and accurately analyze your case to determine if a lawsuit is the best method to collect. Upon determining the proper course of action, our team can construct a plan for collecting your debts that takes into account your need to collect while remembering that any legal action only lengthens the process and costs more money.

Speak To An Attorney About Your Options

While every case is different and no single remedy for debt collection will work for each individual client, we are confident that together, we can find a solution for collecting any and all outstanding debts.

We encourage you to contact our offices online or call 310-278-8600 to discuss your case and learn about any options you may have going forward in your collection process.