Fraudulent Transfer Lawsuits

Is Your Debtor Illegally Hiding Assets?

The last thing debtors want is to lose their valuable assets to creditors. Many attempt to shield their assets by transferring them to spouses, family members or other insiders. This is illegal. At Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., we won’t let them get away with it. If your debtor attempted to hide assets through a fraudulent transfer, we will sue, and we will recover the assets.

What Is A Fraudulent Transfer?

In California, a transfer is fraudulent if it was made with the intent to prevent or hinder collection by a creditor or if the debtor did not receive fair market value.

For example, if your debtor gifted a property to a family member or “sold” property for less than it is worth, a fraudulent transfer occurred. Common examples of fraudulent transfers include:

  • Transferring a house through a quitclaim deed
  • “Selling” a car to a friend for less than it is worth
  • Gifting a diamond ring to a family member

Our team thoroughly investigates our clients’ debtors. We trace assets, examine deeds and conduct judgment debtor examinations. If there is any indication that a fraudulent transfer took place, we will find out, we will get the asset back and we will collect your money.

How Can A Fraudulent Transfer Lawsuit Help Me Collect My Money?

Attorney Joshua Friedman will file a fraudulent transfer lawsuit against your debtor and the person the asset was transferred to. Through this legal proceeding, he can:

  • Get an injunction
  • Have the asset transferred back to the creditor
  • Attach a lien to the asset so the transferee — the person now holding the asset — can’t sell or gift it to someone else
  • Levy, or foreclose, on the asset
  • Appoint a receiver to take charge of the asset

The result? You get the money you are owed.

Protect Your Right To Repayment. Stop Fraudulent Transfers.

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Our team of debt collection professionals in Los Angeles will stop fraudulent transfers, recover illegally transferred assets and get you what you are owed.