Enforcing Labor Board Awards

Securing The Awards You Have Earned

California has long been a state where people from around the country and around the world come to work hard and make a better life for themselves. Whatever the industry, and there are many in this great state, millions of Californians work hard every day to provide for themselves and their families. While every man and woman has a responsibility to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner while on the job, so too do employers have a responsibility to compensate their employees fairly and on time.

If you have been awarded a judgment by the California Labor Board in a dispute with your employer, then you have a partner in Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc. in the often-trying task of collecting that judgment and receiving the funds to which you are entitled. Navigating any labor dispute starts with having your judgment certified by a Superior Court. Because that court has neither the resources nor the capabilities to force a debtor to pay a creditor, our team of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated professionals will stop at nothing to ensure you receive your judgment award.

To put it simply, our team has the experience and tools necessary to go after your judgment debtor’s company assets, levy their accounts receivable, and receive court orders that allow you to garnish future payments from that company’s clients or customers.The truth is that more often than not, most sensible employers would rather pay you the judgment they owe before being dragged into court where a lengthy legal battle could drain them of precious resources and tarnish their reputation. While they may well choose to fight until the end, is committed to turning up the pressure on your debtor, and a battle in court won’t stand in the way of our experienced and aggressive team recovering the judgment that you are owed.

While every case is different and no single remedy for debt collection will work for each individual client, we are confident that together, we can find a solution for collecting any and all outstanding debts.

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