Consumer Debt Collections

Reliable Attorneys For Any Consumer Debt Situation

Just as commercial debt collection constitutes a unique challenge, so too does the collection of consumer debts. Our team at Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., is uniquely situated to handle these types of collection processes. We have immense knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations in the world of consumer debt collection, including the Fair Debt Practices Act, California’s Rosenthal Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Although a pre-litigation settlement is always preferable in any collection scenario, you can have valuable peace of mind knowing that your partner in the collection process is ready to go the extra mile for you when needed. We stay up to date on every change in the laws and regulations governing fair and responsible collection processes.

Providing Invaluable Tools To Debt Collectors

In addition to that legal knowledge, our team is on the cutting edge of employing organized, accurate and aggressive technological tools that make collecting your debts easier. This greatly increases your chance of a successful outcome when you choose our team to help you collect. To date, we have collected millions of dollars for our consumer debt collections clients. While every case is different and no single remedy for debt collection will work for each individual client, we are confident that together, we can find a solution for collecting any and all outstanding debts.

Start The Collection Process Today

We encourage you to contact our offices to discuss your case and learn about the options you may have going forward. You can reach us online or call 310-278-8600.