Judgment Debtor Examinations

Judgment Debtor Examinations: A Way To Discover Your Debtor’s Assets

When clients come to us, many are frustrated. They know their debtor has assets; they just can’t find them. At Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., we will find your debtor’s assets. We will sell them. And we will get you the money you are owed.

I Know My Debtor Has Assets. How Can I Find Them?

Judgment debtor examinations are legal processes that require debtors to disclose their assets or face criminal charges.

Find out the type of property your debtor owns, where it is located and how much it is worth.

During an examination, your debtor will be forced into court to testify about his or her assets under penalty of perjury. Your debtor will also be required to bring documents — such as tax returns, income statements, bank statements and W-2s — detailing his or her financial circumstances. If the debtor does not show up or lies about assets, he or she can be held in contempt of court.

These proceedings not only uncover your debtor’s assets, but they can also shed light on any fraudulent transfers or other illegal ways your debtor has kept assets out of your reach.

Judgment debtor examinations also place a lien on all of your debtor’s personal property for one year. If the debtor attempts to sell anything during that year, the proceeds must go to you.

Once we know what assets your debtor has, we will go after them.

We Will Make Your Debtor Pay. Contact Us Now.

We stop at nothing. Attorney Joshua Friedman will track down your debtor’s assets, levy properties, garnish wages and make the debtor’s life miserable. With our team, you will get the money you are owed. Email us today to schedule a free consultation or call 310-278-8600. Our firm is located in Los Angeles.