Bank Levies

Take Money Directly From Your Debtor’s Bank Account

A court may have decided that you are owed money, but the court isn’t going to help you collect it. Through a bank levy, you can reach into your debtor’s bank accounts and safety deposit boxes without any advance notice and drain the funds.

At Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., we have one goal: getting you the money you are owed. We use every tool in our arsenal to make that happen.

Attorney Joshua Friedman will:

Obtain a writ of execution

This is an order instructing the local sheriff’s office to enforce your judgment.

Identify your debtor’s bank accounts

If your debtor has multiple accounts at one bank, we will take them all. Through a single levy, we can reach into every account your debtor has at a financial institution and take the funds. This includes accounts held in your debtor’s spouse’s name and any fictitious business accounts.

Strategically serve the levy

A bank levy is a one-time chance to collect. It applies only to the funds in the accounts on the day the levy is served. We do our homework and serve bank levies when accounts are at their fullest.

Collect your money

Once the bank has been served, your debtor’s accounts will be frozen — the debtor cannot make any withdrawals or deposits and no checks written from the account may be cashed. The bank has 10 days to transfer the funds to the sheriff, who will then transfer the money to you to satisfy your judgment.

We Crack Down On Debtors

If your debtor thinks paying the debt owed is bad, just wait until we invade their bank account. A bank levy sends a clear message that we are serious about collecting your debt. Get the money you are owed. Call attorney Joshua Friedman today at 310-278-8600 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

Located in Los Angeles, we serve individuals and businesses throughout the state.