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Can someone give away assets instead of repaying their debt?

People who owe more money than they can reasonably repay sometimes go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility for their own debts. Sometimes, they will go as far as to quit their job to avoid wage garnishments or get rid of their own property so that creditors can't claim that property in a civil lawsuit. If you see the signs of someone...

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COVID relief redefined debtor obligations and collector rights

The ongoing pandemic has created a shifting economic landscape that continues to challenge struggling consumers and businesses. Bankruptcy may no longer be unavoidable and might be a more attractive option. A recent change in federal law will impact how debtors can reorganize their obligations and how creditors can seek payment for services rendered. In...

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New California case changes the way creditors can collect their debts

Judgment and debt collection is an ever-changing field, and new challenges of statute interpretation arise in the courts every day. If you are a creditor in California, you should pay attention to a new lawsuit that has changed the way California courts classify debtor judgments that you can seize in satisfaction of your own lien. The statute in question...

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The rights of creditors to seek payment of debt

Companies are entitled to payment when a California customer fails to pay for something purchased on credit. The process of actually securing payment from an unwilling customer can be complex, and it may be necessary for a creditor to seek the assistance of a debt collection agency or other professional experienced in this process. Any creditor or company...

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Amicable debt collection and seeking repayment

Businesses have the right to seek payment on unpaid balances from consumers. However, commercial debt collection can be a complex process, and it may be necessary for a creditor to seek payment through more aggressive means. Before taking these steps, however, it is beneficial for a California creditor to pursue the option of amicable debt collection....

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How to use a bank levy as a means for collecting a debt

California creditors often face complex challenges when trying to collect debts owed to them by businesses and individual consumers. There are various ways to secure payment in a legal manner, and one option may include seeking a judgment from the court. After successfully securing a judgment, the most common and effective type of post-judgment relief is a...

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