California Debt Collection Blog

Debtor loses FCRA case

Debt collectors in California may be allowed to check your credit as part of an effort to obtain money that they are owed. This is according to a ruling made by the Northern District of Illinois in the case of Stewart v. Credit Control, LLC. In that case, the plaintiff claimed that obtaining his credit information for any purpose other than to offer him...

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Strategies for small businesses and commercial debt collection

Californians running small businesses face a unique set of challenges. One of the most common concerns is collecting debt. In some cases, a person or entity who owns a small business might not pay what is owed on time, in part or in full. Commercial debt collection can be complex, and there are key points for small businesses to remember. Adhering to...

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When a debtor is hiding assets overseas

No matter your efforts to make your client pay you, they may fail to do so. On some occasions, they may no longer be able to pay their debt to you. But on others, they might try evading repayment by hiding assets overseas. Your debtor might think their actions wily and cunning. Yet they cannot avoid paying you altogether, no matter their present...

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