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Debt collection varies depending on if it is secured or unsecured

Perhaps a California business owner has attempted to receive payment from a customer by sending additional invoices and making calls, but to no avail. It has now reached the point where debt collection efforts need to become more formal. Before embarking on a particular course of action, it would help to know whether the debt is secured or unsecured. As...

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How fair play and the modern world are reshaping debt collection

Few people will sympathize with anyone writing or calling them for money. But debt collectors serve a necessary role in balancing the financial sector’s basic tenants of fair play. What if exploding technology outpaces rules for retrieving what is legally owed and protecting consumers from overzealousness? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently...

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When does filing a lawsuit against a debtor make sense?

As a small business owner, unpaid debts can affect your bottom line. While some of your debtors may make good on their payments, you may have difficulty receiving any repayment whatsoever from others. Before filing a lawsuit against a debtor, however, it’s crucial to know if they can afford to pay you. If they cannot, pursuing legal action against them...

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What options do you have for debt collection lawsuits and enforcement?

Effective debt collection practices by commercial entities include the use of civil court cases brought against consumers and other businesses. Efiling of civil actions is the norm in California courts, as has been the case in recent years. When the usual debt collection efforts have failed to result in payment, aggressive legal actions become essential...

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How businesses can collect debts from other businesses

Ideally, when a business sells goods or services to other companies, they will have protocols in place in case a corporate client fails to pay for those goods or services in a timely manner. For instance, an organization may decide that it will wait 30 days to receive payment before it sends a demand letter to a client. A demand letter will make clear that...

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