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When people avoid debt payments, you are the one who suffers. We help businesses and individuals collect what they are owed.

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Collecting a debt can be a long and arduous process. At Joshua P. Friedman & Associates, Inc., we never give up. One case we handled was years in the making. Our client hadn’t received a penny from a former business associate in more than a decade. After years chasing this deadbeat debtor down, we finally found him. We threw everything we had at him. We garnished his and his wife’s wages, levied his bank and retirement accounts and even filed motions to have his employer added to the judgment. As the pressure mounted, the debtor cracked. He borrowed money from friends and family to settle the debt and make us go away.

The story above is just one example of our fierce commitment to our clients. We don’t give up until we get the money our clients are owed. Located in Los Angeles, our firm represents consumers and businesses throughout the region.

You Have Questions.

We Have Answers.

If you are owed a debt and are having trouble collecting, you probably have many questions: What tools can I use to collect my debt? What does the law prohibit me from doing? Why should I hire a lawyer instead of a collection agency?

We have the answers. For nearly two decades, we have represented consumers and businesses throughout the country. When you hire us, you’re putting a tough attorney on your side who has proved time and time again that he knows how to hunt down avoidant debtors. We have seen it all. We can speak to any question or concern you have.

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“I have worked with Joshua Friedman for more than five years now. I have found him to be proactive in attempting to collect the outstanding debts for the cases I have referred to him; he has successfully handled many cases for us. Once he has confirmed a payment amount with the debtor, Mr. Friedman prepares all the legal paperwork to finalize the payment and any needed notification to the court. All I have to do is receive the payment, which I appreciate. I look forward to working with Mr. Friedman on future cases.”

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Director – Legal Collections, Kimco Realty Corporation (NYSE: KIM), member of S&P 500
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